Why we support Keith.

Keith Ellison is the progressive pioneer we need as Attorney General. He’ll stand up to any agenda that puts our Minnesota values and priorities at risk.

He’ll challenge harmful policies that make healthcare more expensive, hurt public education, take away a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions, and discriminate against ANY Minnesotan.

He's running to be the People’s Lawyer. Keith will take on insurance companies, for-profit colleges, and companies that rip off every-day Minnesotans.

Keith has been a consistent supporter of reproductive health care rights and equal pay for women. As Attorney General, he will fight for women - protecting their right to equal pay and their right to make their own personal reproductive health care decisions.

Keith believes every American should be able to afford to see a doctor when they are sick. That is why as Minnesota Attorney General he will make sure insurance and drug corporations are held accountable for their profiteering to raise prices and deny people coverage because of a pre-existing condition.

Keith knows big corporations already have all the expensive lawyers and lobbyists they need. As attorney general, Keith will be the People’s Lawyer, protecting Minnesotans from predatory lenders that try to exploit students, tenants, and homebuyers. And, he will defend seniors and immigrants against fraud and scams.

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Together, we can elect the People's Lawyer.

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